Path of Glory | Our Rich History

The company was started by Mr. Anil Kumar Agrawal in 1985. After seven years of success and growth he aimed to achieve new heights by turning the business into partnership in 1994. Later on the business was registered and Shree Balaji Engicons Limited was incorporated in 1998 (as per the Companies Act, 1956) by Mr. Anil Kumar Agrawal & brothers. The company was named as such to make the name reflect the services we provide. The ‘Engi’ stands for the engineering works that we are proficient in and the ‘cons’ stands for the construction business which is our foundation.

SBEL has a very successful history spanning over 20 (Twenty) years and now the company is one of the leading construction companies in the Eastern India & has registered an annual turnover of over Rs. 500 Crore with an order book of Rs. 1200 Crore. The company started off with little resources and has created its fortune based on a strong foundation of transparency, dedication and determination. The story of SBEL is not a story of privilege. It is a story of grit and struggle against incredible odds; of dreams, and the striving and self belief that turned them into reality.